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Made-to-measure hotel representation

Hotusa is an organisation entirely aimed at providing services to independent hotels and small hotel groups so that they can access the resources typical of large hotel chains.

As the first chain of independent hotels in Europe, the Hotusa Hotels service delivery model is in a constant process of improvement through adapting to new trends.

The permanent optimisation of our structure focuses on a comprehensive service for hotels around the world.

In addition, the knowledge acquired during more than 30 years from the rise of the Hotusa Group allows us to provide best practice, partnership, tools and expertise to each and every one of the more than 2,500 hotels that today form part of Hotusa Hotels.

We have a solution for every hotel, depending on their interests in terms of trade, distribution and marketing services; and we offer outsourcing proposals in line with the individual aims of each establishment.


A chain with more than 2,700 unique hotels

The Hotusa Hotels marketing service has a major market presence thanks to 40 years of activity that has allowed it to forge lasting partnerships with operators around the world, with special emphasis on the European and American markets.

Our different specialisation areas, led by professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, allow you to access multiple market sectors and thus create the most suitable combination for each type of hotel establishment.

Specialised Sales Force


Its role is to make agreements with international tour operators both for the traditional FIT sector as well as the group travel market in its different variants (tourist, incentives, etc…).


Composed of several teams operating locally in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and the United States. Its role is the promotion and marketing in high street networks retailers and independent agencies in each of the aforementioned countries. The sectors covered in this area range from the individual customer (corporate and holiday) to tourist groups, conferences, conventions and incentives.


Formed by a specialised commercial team distributed strategically throughout Spain and Portugal. Company visits are carried out directly or at the hotel's request.


Directed at agreements with large international consortia. It manages the access of company hotels to those consortia which are most appropriate for the type and location of our network of associated establishments.


Its role is to broker integration agreements with all online agencies operating at an international level, achieving a good positioning of our hotels with them. The work of these commercial teams is carried out generically for all hotels, although it is possible to contact Hotusa to carry out specific actions for certain hotels.


The constant promotion of the establishments forming part of Hotusa Hotels is one of the essential activities of our business model. Among our promotional activities we would highlight:


Internet advertising campaigns, co-marketing activities, specialised email marketing, promotion of our hotels on the B2B and B2B2C channels.


Direct advertising, commercial promotions, active promotion on the sales channel.

In addition, our different commercial teams carry out public relations activities creating events such as workshops or road shows and international trade fairs.


This service aims to achieve that our associate hotels can be booked from any location, through any channel and as simply and efficiently as possible.

Hotusa Hotels distributes its hotels through all existing media, from the most traditional to the latest channels appearing on the market. Likewise, our inventory is accessible from any technological support. This unique combination of channels gives us outstanding effectiveness in this field. Furthermore, we carry out sector distribution activities, allowing us to reach the target market for each type of hotel.

Metasearch engines (Comparison sites)
Our own reception network
B2B | Own Intranet
Intranet networks for travel agencies
XML Integration with online agencies
Restel: Integration with preferential positioning in our own tour operator
Our own platform for distribution on mobile phone platforms (3G and PDA phones)
Call Centre
GDS systems: Amadeus/Galileo/Sabre Wordlspan
Integration with online agencies via any of the GDS
ODD Pegasus
Integration with tour operators
Private label for travel agencies (end customer and business version)
Own website for end customers and companies
Private Label for tour operators



Hotusa has four call centres for travel agencies, tour operators and end customers. These venues were set up in Barcelona, Rome, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.


We have an international reception network where, in a standardised way, we offer all the reception services that accompany our international hotel offer.

OUR OWN INTRANET FOR TRAVEL AGENCIES AND TOUR OPERATORS has become one of the tools most valued by travel agencies throughout the world in recent years. Based on the Hotusa Group "hotelresb2b" booking engine, it deals daily with an average of 20,000 availability enquiries.

Its most important functions are interactive map searches, the ability to sort by criteria as innovative as value for money, the possibility of booking up to 10 different room types per hotel, etc.


Numerous travel agency networks access Hotusa hotels via their own intranets. These include organisations as outstanding as Viajes Iberia, Viajes Barceló and Racc in Spain, ES Viagens in Portugal or Tourcom and Afat in France.


Hotusa is accessing the increasingly numerous emerging multi-vendor search engines.


The portal is the chain's direct sales channel. It uses the Group's technology and constitutes a firm commitment towards our brand recognition. Likewise, we wish to establish it as an effective tool to control distribution costs.


This is a tool directed at small tour operators who, lacking their own software, need to offer their customers a comprehensive solution.


One of the most important channels appearing in recent years is that of the Organisations like,,,,,,… have Hotusa as their strategic hotel product supplier.


As in the tour operators version, this approach has been adopted by more than 5,000 small travel agencies to offer their customers the chance of making online hotel reservations. We have, in addition, a version for businesses.


Many are the large using PEGASUS technology as a booking engine for their web pages. Sometimes exclusively and others supplementing their own product. Hotusa is a hotel representative with its own ODD and consequently can access exclusive distribution portals as well-known as or HRS in Germany, Orbitz, Expedia and Hotelclub in the USA, Horse21 in Holland, msholidays in Malaysia and Venere in Italy…


Only represented hotels.

The leading GDS in the world in terms of agency numbers. Hotusa's relationship with Amadeus gives us access to major specialised business sector travel organisations such as CWT, TQ3 or BTI.


Only represented hotels. With a strong position in the Americas and Asia, the most relevant organisations booking with Hotusa through Galileo are THOR and JTB.


Only represented hotels. It is the most widely used GDS in the USA and organisations such as AMERICAN EXPRESS and ABC exclusively use this system to make their hotel bookings.


Only represented hotels. Very distribution-oriented. It is the system used by large consortia such as DERTOUR in Germany.


Due to the extensive variety and quantity of its hotel portfolio, GDS systems have developed protocols allowing them to act as search and booking engines in either exclusively or supplementing their own product. OPODO, EXPEDIA, TRAVEL NOW or WORLD CHOICE TRAVEL are organisations accessed by HOTUSA through any of the global distribution systems.


With contracts with more than 30,000 hotels throughout the world, RESTEL has positioned itself in a few years as one of the most important booking centres in Europe. RESTEL gives HOTUSA’s establishments preferential distribution, a fact which has led to it becoming HOTUSA's main customer over the past two years.


The latest addition to our distribution systems has been the development of a site designed to be used by mobile devices, such as 3G and PDA phones with internet access.


One of the hallmarks of Hotusa Hotels is personal service through the professional management of the rates and availability schedules of each of the hotels forming part of the premier European independent hotel chain.

In order to maximise the market share of each of the hotels we represent, every hotel has a specialised account manager to strengthen its presence in the multiple distribution channels offered by Hotusa Hotels.

Your account manager carries out an important range of personalised service activities to enhance your hotel's standing:

  • · Managing all kind rates
    (offers, promotions, negotiated rates, etc.)
  • · Monitoring availability
  • · Analysing the competition
  • · Web analytics and reporting results
  • · Analysing future demand
  • · Raising the profile of hotels
  • · Advice for optimising sales


Hotusa Hotels has a service area aimed at allowing all the personnel of member hotels to access specialist training.

Thus, with the aim of transferring valuable expertise for the constant improvement of every one of the hotels forming part of the Hotusa Group, we launched various courses which will provide great support for each of your respective businesses, as well as providing the most appropriate expertise to each of your organisation's employees.


Enjoy the administrative advantages of Hotusa Hotels thanks to our commissions validation system.


Hotusa Hotels’ training service is directed at providing added value to your organisation placing maximum emphasis on knowledge management as a key tool.

Hotusa Hotels has a service area aimed at allowing all the personnel of member hotels to access specialist training.

Thus, with the aim of transferring valuable expertise for the constant improvement of every one of the hotels forming part of the Hotusa Group, we launched two courses which will provide great support for each of your respective businesses.


The Hotusa Hotels hotel training sessions include training activities aimed at improving expertise in various areas of interest.

Hotusa Hotels regularly organises exclusive sessions for member hotels dedicated to dealing in detail with issues of capital importance for hotel management. These sessions are held in major cities, both national and international, thus bringing the contents to hotels in each area.

The subject matter covered in each session is different, covering all facets of a hotel establishment, from online marketing, marketing or topics addressing other operational aspects.


Hotusa Hotels' purchasing and service centre is the easiest way to reduce the cost of your hotel purchases.

Thanks to our specialised sales team, we have exclusive agreements with major brands and suppliers, offering numerous advantages for hotels associated with Hotusa Hotels.

Furthermore, through our private access, associated establishments can access offers as well as making inquiries and placing orders, with complete security and the best conditions available.

This service allows you to cut costs both in the acquisition of products and in contracting services.

It also allows for the reduction of management costs derived from searching for and negotiating with suppliers. Finally, the reliability of products and collaborating suppliers can be guaranteed and proven thanks to the management of a team of professionals who make it possible for each hotel to make the most of their purchases.

On a quarterly basis, the Purchasing and Services Centre produces a full colour offers brochure, which includes approximately 50 products at excellent prices, and anticipates those seasonal products that our associated hotels have the most need to purchase.


Exclusive discounts for employees of establishments and business partners.

Hotusa Hotels presents HOTUSA FAMILY, a service aimed at all employees in its hotels and partner companies, so that they benefit from an exclusive discount * on reservations in establishments associated with the chain.

To enjoy the special conditions offered by Hotusa Family, employees of associated hotels must apply to join the Hotusa Plus programme using the Hotusa Family registration form.

Once registered, they will be provided with access codes so they can make their own hotel reservations online (access Hotusa Plus) or by telephone to Hotusa's Call Centre.

Payment for the stay will be made directly at the destination hotel. The hotel may, if it deems it appropriate, ask the person staying for proof of their employment relationship with the hotel in question (payroll heading, business card, etc…). Should this not be provided, the hotel can apply the full rate without the discount.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of Hotusa Family program, fill in the form and send it to us

*Mandatory fields.


Synergy, made-to-measure solutions for online marketing.

Through the Synergy programme, we offer our associate hotels a highly advanced technological business solution continuously developed and improved, as well as all the related online marketing services allowing you to get ahead of the competition.

Our multidisciplinary team of programmers, designers and online specialists, has ample experience in the area of hotel marketing.

This extensive know-how has enabled us to identify effective patterns, usability and improved approaches for enhanced SEO optimisation to obtain a solid and attractive design enriching the customer experience to the maximum extent.

    One of the most advanced technological solutions in the hotel market.
    Because of our outstanding innovation and development department ensuring the continual research and implementation of improvement. Because we are one of the first businesses to apply web designs which can be adapted to your customers' different access platforms (computer, tablet or mobile phone).
    The guarantee of a leading group in the sector
    We are backed by a large team of experts with a significant track record in the field of tourism marketing. A personal account manager will provide guidance for your business strategy and turn your website into an important sales channel.
    Synergy is not only a tool
    We offer not only a tool, but a continuous service. Because of the complete training we offer you through easy multimedia tutorials allowing you total autonomy in the day-to-day management of the tools. Because of the strong commitment linking us to your project.
    Maximize your investment
    Synergy is a comprehensive business solution which includes within the same programme all the tools, resources and services you require to obtain the best outcomes. Moreover, it is subject to variable costs not linked to an initial investment.


It turns your website visitors into customers

The Synergy booking engine responds very competitively to the needs of hotels and chains. You will have a powerful tool used by more than 600 room sales portals throughout the world and one which generates thousands of bookings every day.

Its main characteristics are:

  • · Reservations in 3 easy steps
  • · Advanced user features
  • · Immediate booking confirmation
  • · Multi-currency and multi-language for accessing new markets
  • · Suitable for both individual hotels and chains
  • · No implementation costs


Optimise the management of your distribution channels

Through the Channel Manager, a hotel will expedite the updating of the product simultaneously over the Internet and will increase its presence on online channels through the main external booking portals (Hotusa, Booking, Expedia,…).

Channel Manager, the Synergy business solution, integrates completely with the booking engine, giving you overall control of online product marketing from a single tool, thus saving important management time.


Synergy offers a perfectly optimised, made-to-measure website experience, without the associated hosting or maintenance costs, with features and social resources to enhance visibility and viral potential over different networks. Perfectly optimised content is generated in coordination with the hotel placing all our experience at your disposal. In addition each website has its own CMS allowing you to instantly and with complete autonomy, modify texts, photos, promotions and offers, without the need to rely on outside technicians or designers.

The main values of Synergy are:

  • · Attractive design. Creative and innovative design adapted to the corporate image of the hotel and its characteristics.
  • · Usability. Conversion-oriented friendly usability and navigation.
  • · SEO optimisation. Content structure and HTML code perfectly optimised in accordance with W3C standards.
  • · Responsive design. Adapted Internet experience and accessible from any device (PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet).
  • · Commercial. Spaces available for the publication of promotions and offers.


Get the maximum profitability from your resources

Being aware of the importance of the proper use of Revenue Management techniques, we offer you a comprehensive plan specially designed for independent establishments or small hotel chains who lack their own RM department. Our Revenue Plan will allow you to have exclusive access to the experience and knowledge of our team of revenue managers who will always be at the service of your hotel.

We will help you develop an appropriate strategy for the optimisation of channels and prices that will allow you to extract the maximum profitability from your business. You will also reduce your operating costs and save time, achieving greater management savings and efficiency.

And finally, we will support you in designing and developing promotional activities for events, fairs, or seasonal campaigns.


  • · Developing a strategy which includes rates, availability and channels
  • · Assessing the suitability and profitability of each channel according to its productivity
  • · Charging rates using different channels
  • · Fixing prices daily and managing availability
  • · Monitoring outcomes through regular reports


The best tool for online reputation management

Thanks to a powerful tool, based on data gathered from the main opinion-forming platforms, you can monitor very precisely your hotel's online reputation. Become familiar with and assess the performance of your establishment at a given time, or its progress over time, and learn how to monetise your online presence. In addition, you can compare your results with those of other competing establishments and carry out a follow-up that will allow you to optimise your online strategy.


Our commitment to every project goes beyond developing technological tools and integrating specialised software.

Synergy's greatest business solution is to offer an advisory service helping you steer your hotel through the daily management of your online resources.

For this reason we place at your disposal a complete list of online services supplementing our technological solution which will contribute significantly to your project's success.


  • · Google Adwords, affiliate and retargeting campaigns
  • · SEO and search engine optimisation
  • · Exclusive arrangements
  • · Web analytics and reporting of results
  • · Email marketing and product campaigns with linked landing pages
  • · Social network marketing and online reputation management
  • · Online reputation management
  • · Training and advisory service
  • · Advisory service and premium support
  • · Content marketing


Synergy, made-to-measure solutions for online marketing.

With the goal that each hotel has at its disposal a set of supplementary services covering its market sector, Hotusa Hotels has specific plans to improve your hotel's visibility to its natural customers.

This extensive know-how has enabled us to identify efficient guidelines helping shape each of our projects giving it the most appropriate structure, functional and approachable usability, the best resources for SEO optimisation and guidelines to achieve a solid and attractive design enhancing your customers' experience to the maximum.

    The HOTUSA CORPORATE marketing programme is aimed at enhancing the standing of those hotels with characteristics making them suitable for business customers and meetings with a wide range of actions for promotion, marketing and public relations.

    Request information
    Establishments which are members of Hotusa Hotels with facilities and services related to relaxation can take advantage of the several marketing activities covered by the HOTUSA CARE,programme, specialising in the promotion and marketing of wellness and health-oriented hotels.

    Request information


Within a highly competitive framework such as the present one, outsourcing the management of your hotel property can increase the profitability of your assets by formalising management, leasing of purchasing agreements.

Thanks to the management experience we acquired through our own Eurostars and Exe Hotel chains, as well as following a recognised ascendant path in the integral management of hotels around the world, Hotusa hotels is as an outstanding alternative for making the most from independent hotels and small groups of establishments.

Esta solucin contempla la gestin ejecutiva de todas las actividades de tu hotel:

  • · Gestin Comercial, Distribucin y marketing
  • · Gestin de operaciones de alojamiento
  • · Gestin de personal
  • · Gestin de compras y servicios
  • · Email marketing y campaas de producto con landing pages vinculadas
  • · Administracin
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