The largest and most varied selection of hotels

We place at your disposal over 2,400 hotels in 49 countries and 4 continents. Our wide range allows us to satisfy the most comprehensive selection of customer types.

We have our own classification system, which is more reliable and accurate. Choose your hotel with the security of always getting it right.

Hotel classification criteria tend to vary according to the country and, in some cases, the region, which makes choosing an establishment particularly difficult.

In Hotusa we have created a new system that divides our establishments into five categories.

The categorisation of the Hotusa portfolio aims provide a more precise definition of the standards of the facilities, interior design, quality and performance of its establishments, regardless of the classifications used for the country or region or whether the accommodation belongs to the urban or the holiday sector.

  • Luxury class
    Luxury Class
    Detail and luxury at its finest. This selection of exclusive hotels and resorts encompasses exceptional icons of the world hotel industry.
  • Excellence
    Classic or innovative establishments possessing complete and impeccable facilities, as well as refined interior design.
  • Premier
    Satisfaction completely guaranteed. New or perfectly preserved hotels with a full range of benefits as their main distinguishing feature.
  • Comfort
    Satisfaction completely guaranteed. New or perfectly preserved hotels with a full range of benefits as their main distinguishing feature.
  • Basic
    Establishments with simple facilities covering basic tourism needs.


Hotusa's portfolio consists of a large and diverse number of establishments adapted to all kinds of reasons for travelling.

To assist you in your search for the hotel that best fits your needs, we classify our hotels in six types, according to their most characteristic features and the customers they seek to serve:

  • Corporate, Business Hotels;
  • Mice, For organising conferences and meetings;
  • Wellness, With spa services and health and beauty treatments;
  • Golf, Hotels with their own golf links or which are near a golf links;
  • Mare, Hotels and holiday resorts;
  • Natura, Establishments located in idyllic settings

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The most complete service for companies.

  • Online booking management: Our powerful booking engine allows you to manage your bookings in real time through a personalised user code. If you change your plans, the system allows you to modify and cancel reservations. With just a click you will have at your disposal detailed information on availability, prices, location and services for our more than 2,500 hotels, with built-in map searching
  • Customer care line 24 hours a day on 900 121 790: For your peace of mind, we are at your service whenever you need it.
  • Account Manager: We are committed to offering a personalised service. In Hotusa Corporate Services we will assign you an Account Manager who will be responsible for managing the bookings and overseeing any transactions based on your requests.
  • Negotiating rates for your company: We negotiate special rates at our hotels depending on concentration and volume.
  • Management of meetings and corporate events: Our team of professionals is at your service to manage budgets and the reservation of meeting rooms, as well as add-ins: Coffee breaks, lunches, cocktails, etc.
  • Constant support from our sales team: Our external and internal sales team is at your disposal for any questions or information you may require through or 902 420 007. If you wish, we can visit your headquarters to assist you personally.

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At Hotusa Hotels we want to offer our customers the best prices on the market. Therefore, we want to ensure that you will always find the best possible price either if you make your reservation through our website or a travel agency used by Hotusa Hotels to make bookings at its associated hotels.

We are convinced that our prices are the best. Our commitment to offering you the best price even includes paying a penalty should we fail to comply with our guarantee.

We have devised a system in keeping with our commitment. It is easy, comfortable and totally transparent, and any customer can check it in just a few minutes.

Guarantee conditions Hotusa best price guaranteed

  • · The customer must make a reservation through our website or a travel agency used by Hotusa Hotels to make bookings at its associated hotels.
  • · We then grant customers who having made their reservation in the aforementioned way a maximum period of 2 hours * from the confirmation of the reservation in which to warn us that in the same hotel where they have just made their booking, with the same type of bed and board and the same booking conditions, there is a lower price available on the market, either through any other operator, an online travel agency or even directly in the hotel.
  • · To prove it you should simply send an email to or fax + 34902932219, providing a screenshot or alternative documentation allowing our operations department to verify that, indeed, a booking can be made at the hotel at a lower price than that obtained through or a travel agency used by Hotusa Hotels to make bookings at its associated hotels.en Hoteles Asociados
  • · Should it indeed be proven, under the conditions set out above, that the price of is not the best available on the market, we will charge the price found.
  • · Bookings whose price differences are due to currency exchange rates are excluded from this guarantee. Only those price differences in the hotel’s local currency will be valid.
  • · This guarantee is not available for group bookings, negotiated company rates, early booking discount rates for payment in advance, or for any other fees with booking conditions different to those offered by Hotusa.

* Note: We grant a reasonable margin of 2 hours due to the frequent price swings (both upwards and downwards) hotel rates undergo, thus compelling us to update our prices with the same frequency.


  • · RESERVATIONS MADE THROUGH THE WEBSITE: Only a maximum of 4 rooms may be reserved per booking, for reasons of hotel availability. Should you need more than 4 rooms, you must make your reservation by phone. In no case will reservations or additional reservations of more than 4 rooms made through the same agency, at the same hotel on similar dates be valid, even though they may be confirmed on the system. Due to real-time availability reasons, it may happen that between the time at which the availability request is made and the response from our central server (3-4 seconds), the rooms shown as available have already been booked.
  • · GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS: The concept of guaranteed reservation implies that the reservation will be will be kept open for the customer ALL NIGHT, so if the customer fails to arrive, they will be additionally charged the amount corresponding to the first night. First night runs until 9:00 of the following day. (In some rare cases, due to [unforeseen] circumstances, or in certain hotels by holiday type, it may be that such charges are made for more than one night, this will be pointed out prior to booking and also in the written confirmation). Any NON-GUARANTEED reservation will become ineffective at 18:00 h. Should the client arrive later than this at the hotel, the reservation will not be kept open for them.
  • · GROUPS: Reservations for more than 7 rooms can be treated as group bookings, it being up to the hotel to decide if the cancellation conditions apply or not, any deposits or signing of contracts.
  • · TAXES: Any reservations confirmed by Hotusa includes the general taxes payable in each country (VAT or similar), excluding local rates in some destinations. For example: France Taxe de Séjour; Amsterdam local rate, Morocco.
  • · CLAIMS: Any claims must be communicated immediately and in writing to Hotusa within a maximum period of one month once the service has been completed. Following this period, Hotusa does not undertake to address any claim.
  • · ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: The choice made by travel agencies to arrange their bookings through Hotusa S.A. assumes their acceptance of all the terms mentioned herein, as well as those governing each of the destinations operated through our organisation.


The most complete service for companies.

  • · Easy and cheap bookings The prices provided include VAT and reservations do not have any management expenses attached.
  • · Guaranteed reservations. For your complete peace of mind, bookings are guaranteed regardless of the time the customer arrives at the reserved establishment.
  • · Unified online invoicing. With our online invoicing system you can view, print, and perform all the consultations necessary for your invoices. Electronic invoicing validated by the F.N.M.T.
  • · Made to measure payment solutions. You can choose one or more forms of payment, depending on your needs. You can pay for your bookings directly at the hotel or make payment using a credit card or by bank transfer. We offer the possibility of negotiating credit solutions.
  • · Best rate available at each point in time. With our BAR (BEST AVAILABLE RATE) system, we guarantee you the best rate available at each point in time.

Free hotel nights with Hotusa Plus

Hotusa Plus is the points programme designed to reward your loyalty.

All bookings made in the more than 2,200 establishments associated with Hotusa accrue points which are redeemable for overnight hotel stays, without any restrictions in terms of fee types or season.

Simply provide your Hotusa Plus card number to your travel agency, or on our website, at the time of making your booking.

If you still don't have a Hotusa Plus card, go to and register. It is free and does not require any follow-up. It has never been so easy to get free hotel stays.


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